So much growth and expanding is happening in life, business, it’s feeling so strong… lots of energy is coming and I am so happy I have a partner like you to help me!Sarah Carlson


“her work is great, she is always reliable”

“I’ve worked with Julie for 4 years now – her work is great, she is always reliable, her turn-around is fast – often the same day if she gets the task early enough. And if not, she always gets back and tells me when I can expect it (then 95% of the time will deliver early).

On the rare occasion Julie comes across something she doesn’t know, she’ll dig in and figure it out. Julie is a joy to work with!

Peggy Murrah
Owner, PMA Web Services

I think finding you is the best thing that has happened to me this entire year so far

“I’ll tell you what I think – I think finding you is the best thing that has happened to me this entire year so far.  I feel more optimistic about my future and my business than I have in months.  And the peace of mind is priceless, I don’t even want to think how high my cortisol level has been the past several months, and I haven’t woken up at 3:00AM and finally gotten out of bed because if I lay there any longer I’d work myself up into a real panic since we started working together.  And that is truly priceless.  Thank you so much, that is a real gift and words could never convey how grateful I am to you.”

Sydney Biddle Barrows

“Thanks Julie, you’ve really helped my confidence with my goal for online marketing

Fantastic job setting this up Julie!  I love it and my clients do too!  This is absolutely exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks Julie, you’ve really helped my confidence with my goal for online marketing.  It is so amazing to actually see the product in motion and I owe it all to you.  I can’t thank you enough.  After going through so many VA’s I am so glad I finally found you.

Robin Stephens

“Putting Agape in charge of my internet marketing was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made!!”

“Before Agape I didn’t even have a web site, not only have they managed to get me to #1 on Google, I now receive at least 5 new leads per week!! “

Chad Brawley
Brawley’s Landscape, LLC

“Julie is very ethical, caring, and does what she says she’s going to do on or before the time she says she will get it done. She’s also really pleasant to work with and very patient with people like me who are going in a thousand directions at once. I also appreciate that she is clear about her own strengths and weaknesses and that she brings genuine passion to her work.”Dr. Joni Carley
International coaching & consulting
“Among Julie’s many qualities, those that stand out especially are her reliability, resourcefulness, persistence, creativity, versatility, and enthusiasm – in short, lots of value and high quality, all at reasonable rates. As a virtual assistant, handle a variety of tasks with thoroughness and real concern for the client. I recommend her highly.”Bruce Bergquist
“Julie is enthusiastic, possesses multiple technical skills and has great personal presence with customers & contacts. We look forward to working with her again.”Larry Holt
“Agape Virtual Assistants has been a true life-saver for our business. I know we can send projects to Julie on a weekly basis and know they are in good hands and will be completed on time.They continually demonstrate a broad range of experience from internet research to article submission for SEO and often has helpful insight and suggestions to improve our projects and strategies. Their contributions free up a significant amount of time for myself and my staff, so we can focus on the things to keep our company at the top.”Sue Hatfield